Show off Your Feminine Curves in a close-fit Strapless Ball Gown Bridal Dress!

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11.11 LBlace c3Every bride is dreaming for a warm and romantic wedding. And known to all, ball gown dresses are the best for creating a romantic atmosphere. With the match of layered affordable lace wedding dresses design and chapel train, you are guaranteed to be dropped into a fairy-tale paradise. The close-fit design on the upper part not only embellishes the curves of the bride, but also narrows her waist by the high waistline. The amazing lines of the shoulders and breasts will be shown off beautifully by the close-fitting strapless design, and the waist and hips will be concealed perfectly as well. Delicacy and sincerity are bond together in the most exquisite way that you can ever imagine, revealing luxury and high-class at the same time. BY Zoey


You will make an entrance just as her royal highness by the elaborate and flowing ball gown design with the delicate lace spreading. You may look even more slender in that mermaid design, while the well-proportioned flare blossoming gorgeously just as a blooming flower. Furthermore, the exquisite embroidery work will leave the impression of luxury, but never extravagant on your every guest.

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Sweet Trumpet-Mermaid Strapless Brush Train Ivory Wedding Dress

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How to choose the wedding dress of different size

LB logoThe figure is small and exquisite: when choosing affordable lace wedding dresses is suitable for the high waist discounted white yarn, yarn surface, waist, to modify figure scale. Avoid wedding dress and skirt is too loose, caused by heavy head light and highlight the weakness of short. Rotator cuff design should also avoid too exaggeration; Upper body can be gorgeous, much change, dress and veil to avoid too long, avoid big bow-knot, rather tight corset or highlight the design ideal of upper body.
The figure is slim: this type of bride can be said to be the natural clothes rack, when choosing wedding dress, you can try on any style of dress, especially in packets on pendulum in fishtail wedding dress more can show the advantages of the body, with cap to add half amount of short wedding dress is beautiful. BY Vivian
11.4 LB lace c1The figure is tall and slim: strengthen shoulders design of dress, can make the tall, thin type bride looks more energetic, when choosing wedding dresses optional water soluble lace flowers thick; Avoid dew shoulder, chest design.
Body fat person: suitable for straight line cutting, with lace style, it is slim. Appropriate chooses thinner plane lace lace flower, not optional high collar style, appropriate chooses low collar; And the waist, the skirt design should try to avoid heavy and complicated.
Too plump: waist the fullness of the bride had better choose body design is simple and can show the wedding dress of the chest line advantages; And lower body plump, when choosing wedding dress, do not choose to fold as the design emphasis of wedding dress
Rail-thin bride:  when choosing wedding dress, wearing a turtle neck is the best, long sleeve, multi-level, falbala type of wedding dress.


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How to choose the wedding dress

10.28 LBlace b1Romantic bride wedding dress
Romantic brides have a lot of choice, of course, to choose the most romantic one, but each person for the definition of romance is not the same, choose to suit their own vintage lace wedding dresses to show their temperament is the best. Dreamy light purple or pink colour, mopping the floor is the theme of many of the bride’s preferred, but the bride will consider the wedding gauze and collocation.
Elegant bride wedding dress
Elegant bride is the kind of figure is very good-looking, and is the kind of internal also is temperamental bride manner what is elegant in, then this time choice wedding dress is not necessary to select a so complex, simple, engaging, after all their congenital conditions are relatively good, simple wedding dresses can fully show their temperament.
Leisure oriented bride wedding dress
Leisure bride is not, of course, wearing a tracksuit to wedding photography, just so the bride more casual, character is not willing to bondage, hope are in any situation you will not receive a constraint, wear more casual of a point, so the choice of a bride wedding dress can also choose a little leisure dress, so as to meet the bride’s character, can wear a bride temperament.

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