Middle strapless wedding dress is elegant

右1Middle trailing strapless princess beach theme wedding dresses is simple and elegant and this kind of 2016 wedding dress can lead the fashion tide. Modern society is increasingly open, increasingly stylish wedding design made the bride be able to reveal the bride that is sexy and elegant. Weddings as the happiest moment in a girl’s life, choosing a unique wedding dress is necessary. And here I will introduce a princess wedding dress for you, we hope to inspire you to choose the appropriate wedding dress, followings are some details, let’s have a look at it.


This wedding dress belongs to the princess 2016 wedding dress with trailing princess gown style skirt as well as strapless designs. In the upper body, the designer using a large number of exquisite carvings adorn the bride, so that the bride looks more elegant and noble, inadvertently revealing the elegant, luxury atmosphere of the bride. High waist lines can show the bride soft body curves, sexy and charming temperament in a better way.

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The biggest highlight of this strapless wedding dress has undoubtedly be the strapless design using many high end yarns, and it can also add a layer of the upper Bra with a thin layer of yarn, this can also be viewed as a highlight. Indeed the beauty tempting, so the bride’s even become more charming. The design of the white lace gown style skirt is full of fashion sense, which will make the bride more elegant.

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Pretty Sheath-Column V-Neck Court Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

If your wedding is held in 2016, then you can choose 2016 wedding dress which can be used as the most fashionable clothes in the New Year. And you should pick the appropriate color with accurate size when you are choosing wedding gowns for yourself. And please keep this in mind, appropriate 2016 wedding dresses should be prepared for appropriate wedding scenes.

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Beautiful dress can record the beautiful moment

COCO logoNow women are more willing to buy good things for themselves, especially in the casual beach wedding dresses which should be worn in the wedding party. And marriage is the greatest and the most exciting moment for those female friends in their lives. Many would be brides will plan a lot to choose a wedding dress, because selecting a wedding dress fitting their figure is a very urgent matter.

Then this time, I will introduce a wedding dress belongs to the trailing wedding dress, the smooth simple tailoring technique can show the design of this dress which tailored with excellent cutting abilities. The snow-white lace for this dress is really dreamy, and the exquisite embroidery was revealed in this wedding dress to create a luxurious atmosphere.

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Classic Sheath-Column Sweetheart Sweep-Brush Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

The strapless wedding dress can highlight the feminine curves of the bridals. And the fine small flower adornments can create a more perfect chest type, which can be very noble and elegant, dignified and sexy. The design of this wedding dress is simple and the white color can let the bride’s figure become more concave and convex. The small white trailing design is also very beautiful, if you put this wedding dress in a certain distance, then you can find that this wedding dress looks like a blooming flower, which is beautiful and unique.

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The color of the amazing lace wedding dresses should not be too bright nor too dark. The color white can be the best choice for the wedding dresses. But if you want to choose other colors, then you can also choose light purple color. And you can also choose the 2016 wedding dress which you like best. Then in this case, you will feel that the wedding dress is worth having.


Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

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As for colors of bridesmaid dresses, don’t pick bright red, black or white. And pls don’t let your maids wear black netting silk stockings whether it’s in wedding or taking photos while you wear beautiful beach wedding dresses. Usually, the first color option of bridesmaid dresses is pink, especially those short pieces which can add a touch of color for the whole wedding. Pink is able to represent romance and loveliness, even showing girls’ childhood dream.

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Perfect Sheath-Column Strapless Court Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

When it comes to styles, you’d better choose something elegant and clean. Nowadays, pastel colors are very popular. They can highlight the whole wedding and also perfectly show the bride’s elegant and noble beauty.

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Try to look for styles which will not overshadow the bride’s look. Usually, the bride’s dress represent maturity while bridesmaids should reflect youthfulness and hope. So there’s no need of any head pieces for bridesmaids. If the bride wears a white wedding gown, then bridesmaids had better choose short pink dresses. Or if the bride chooses a short wedding dress, then bridesmaids’ outfit will be similar dresses. By Nina