Close fitting strapless wedding dress can make women be more mature

This kind of close fitting wedding dress uses single strap to make the dress look more fashionable. The white bra design and the high waistline of the wedding dress can show the retro temperaments very well. The scattered patterns can make the petite girls’ figure be more beautiful. And the embroidered design can make designer wedding gowns be more beautiful and amazing. The simple small trailing can make the bride be more attractive.


The white floral straps can make the bride be sexy and elegant. The three dimensional embroidered patterns can add more gorgeous feelings for the bride. The close fitting bra and the three dimensional patterns can make the bride be more beautiful and delicate. By the way, the wedding dress can also make the wedding be more solemn. The dreamy gauze is soft like the wind, which can make the bride be fresh like the lotus. Though this wedding dress is simple, it is also very sexy.


This wedding dress is suitable for those brides who have slender figures, which can show the delicate and attractive figure lines of the bride. But this wedding dress is not suitable for those brides who are very fat, or for those brides who don’t want to show their figure lines.

Strapless standing collar wedding dress can create a luxurious and romantic wedding

In the spring and summer New York Wedding week, each big famous dress brand has launched their new concepts of wedding dresses, in which many designer wedding gowns use high standing collar style to make a delicate aesthetic beauty through the amazing standing collar.


This kind of standing collar wedding dress uses strapless design and handmade lace to create layers of skirts, which can be very romantic and sexy. And the beautiful lace veil can create strong romantic feelings, which can be very suitable for the church wedding ceremonies. Sequin and tassels, the combination of tulle can also create luxurious and romantic weddings. The three dimensional lace and tulle embroideries can decorate the bride as a queen and show the elegance and nobleness sparing no effort.

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Each wedding dress is made by hand. Each work has its own delicate touch, just like the snowflakes, no two wedding dresses are the same. Each wedding dress has its own wedding story, which can be absolutely unique. So try to be different, try to be more beautiful in the unique wedding dress.

Some knowledge about selecting diamond (1)

When you select diamond, you should follow these “4 C” principle: cutting (cut), color (color), clarity (clarity) and carat (carat weight). These can be used to identify the diamond quality and values.


Cutting can be the only human factor in choosing diamonds. A skilled diamond cutter can make a good drill ore dazzling; he can make the internal light to the greatest extent. And the diamond can reflect the light of the surface of the diamond. A single diamond with high quality has a very high value, which can be used to reflect the strong and symmetric feelings. But if the cutting skill is not very perfect. Cutting those inferior diamonds, worker may cut too deep or too shallow because of the need to retain its maximum weight, and therefore it can not make the diamond glorious. Polishing technology will also affect the diamond’s quality. A perfect cut diamond, symmetry feelings of diamonds may reduce the value because of poor polishing skills.  Related Reading: CocoMelody

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The color of diamonds
In some large jewelry stores, they will display some diamonds for comparison. They will arrange diamonds with all kinds of colors and grades in a row to help customers figure out. Because of that customers generally can not distinguish diamond color with the naked eye. The colorless style of diamond can be the top grade, but the color of the diamonds deepening gradually with yellow color.