How to wear high heel shoes can be comfortable

1.You should make it sure that the shoes are with the appropriate size.
One common mistake which women will always make is that they will not chose the shoes with the appropriate sizes. Before you buy the shoes, you should measure the length and the width of your feet to avoid buying a pair of inappropriate shoes.


2.You should know your own feel shape very well.
Only when you know your own feet shape and know the high or low place of the arch can you know the shoes are appropriate or not. When you dress on the shoes, you should know that whether it will be hurt or not.

3.The shoe heel should be thicker than you imagine.
No one would like to fall in the wedding day. So you should try to avoid the choice of designer gowns thin heeled wedding shoes. Thin heeled wedding shoes will hurt your feet, while the thick heeled wedding shoes can make you comfortable in your wedding day.


4.You should avoid the thin sole shoes, and choose the shoes with waterproof.
Thin sole will add pain to your feet, so at this time, what you need is those thick sole wedding shoes or the shoes with a little waterproof, which can make your feet be more comfortable.

5.You should get full rest before the wedding day.
Before you get married, you should take off your high heels and wear flat shoes or some comfortable shoes.

6.You should strength your feet.
You can stretch your toes and turn your ankles gently, which can help you relief the stress caused by the high heels.

Strapless chic wedding dress can be beautiful and elegant

For those brides who are about to enter the wedding hall, they may feel upset about how to choose an appropriate wedding dress according to their own image and their temperaments. But many of the brides who are going to get married will be quite anxious, and they do not understand the right choice of the designer gowns.I think that there are no bad designer gowns, someone just likes the palace like feelings, and others may like those elegant and noble wedding dresses, which can be relatively simpler than those palace like wedding dresses.


So today, I will introduce a wedding dress with a small dress to you, which is strapless and sexy. The color of the wedding dress is white, though the fabric and the color of the dress is relatively simple, the dress can still show the elegance and the nobleness of the bride as well. This wedding dress adopts the design of high waistline and strapless to show the great figure of the bride.


Strapless design can make the bride’s chest be more charming. And the simple hem of the wedding dress is really fresh and beautiful. This wedding dress is really amazing, you can have a consideration.

SHSR cocomelody launched in 2016 spring

logoCocomelody has the perfect cooperation together again with SHSR in the early spring. Based on the series, the abundant technology and the design can be viewed as the foundation. If you want to buy some ethereal wedding suits & designer gowns, you can come to, where you can find your dreamlike wedding suits. Our products are all with the best qualities. Those wedding suits can make you become the most handsome prince charming among the crowd. As we all know, the groom can be the most handsome man on the wedding day, and he definitely should be the most elegant man as well. Then the best man are also very important, so if you are invited to be a best man, you should also pay great attention to choose an appropriate man suit.


Inspiration comes from SHSR cooperation, in addition to the music and fashion pioneer series, we also add a carefree holiday, such as the Palm Springs, California, 1940 British male star’s style and London fashion capital and other elements. In order to meet the business occasions, and it is also suitable for the vacation sports clothes. Each partner of cocomelody will find one of the infinite possibilities of the exploration and the promotion, adhering to the pursuit of the perfect attitude, and the exquisite tailoring will to be made into an extreme. It will present a simple design, and the man suits can be with high quality.