How to choose the color of the bridesmaid dress

When we are invited by the brides to act as bridesmaids for her, we may feel happy at that time. But we should know that this task is not so easy, the heroine of the wedding is the bride. As the bridesmaid, choosing appropriate bridesmaid dresses are the most important thing. If you dress too fancy, then the bride would be unhappy. If you dress too casually, then the bride would also think that you have pay no attention to her wedding. How to achieve the balance? We should pay much attention to the choice of the dresses. Then which color should we choose? More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.


The modern brides usually choose white wedding dresses, so the bridesmaid dresses should not be black or be red. The best color for them could be those light colors. The ivory white color can be a good choice for them. And this can avoid the situations which I have mentioned above. The color of the clothes should be similar to the bride. And you could also choose those sweet colors to make you younger than you should be. This can be used to highlight the bride’s beauty and mature temperaments.

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