Some knowledge about choosing the bouquet

The wedding bouquet is not only a bunch of simple flowers. It can be used as the best decoration for the wedding. And it can also show your personalities. It can also show your taste and your style as well. You may not know that the choice of the bouquet can indicate that what kind of personalities you have. If you didn’t get married, then you can look at this article and find out which kind of bouquet can be chosen to indicate your personalities.


Rose: you are a traditional bride.
Rose flowers are the most common flowers in weddings. And the rose flowers can be used to indicate love. And this kind of flowers can be used to show the love between the couples. Rose flowers are very suitable for those brides who want to hold traditional weddings.
Peony: you are a person who loves romantic things.

Peonies are very romantic and dreamy. The luxurious flowers can show the romance of the bride. She can add some different feelings for the wedding if she chose this kind of flowers as the wedding bouquet. More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.
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Calla: you are a modern bride.
Generally speaking, calla flowers can be used as the simple bouquets for those brides who want to make the wedding simple and concise. The shape of calla flowers is very simple. If the bride loves this kind of flowers, this can also show the modern feelings of the bride.

Important elements of a bachelor party

Colored balloons:
Clusters of beautiful balloons, if you can use some little ideas to decorate them, the balloons can be more beautiful. For example, you can add some colorful cards into the balloons before you put gas into them. Or you can use soft gauze to cover the balloons. The balloons can make the parties be more lively and lovely. The colorful taste can also make the atmosphere burning.


Beautiful hand flowers:
You can use ribbons, lace or flowers to DIY beautiful hand flowers. Or you can also decorate them on the little cards. Then you can write down the name of the guests, which can be used in the game later. There is no need for you to ask why we need hand flowers. The girls parties should be beautiful and delicate. So let’s wear the hand flowers together and create the most amazing girls’ party ever! More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.
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Some words:
You can write down some words which related to the theme of the party. Except the “bridal shower”, you can also add these inside the word: “Falling In Love”、”Bride To Be”、”Miss To Mrs.”. Or you can also add the name of the bride to make everybody know who the heroine is today.

Romantic wedding dress can make the bride very elegant and beautiful

Today I will recommend a romantic wedding dress for the majority of the prospective brides. This romantic couture wedding dresses have been designed with the popular design style. The high waistline and the close fitting strapless style can make the bride be very sexy and amazing. And this can make the bride’s waist be more slender. And this wedding dress can also highlight the bride’s body and perfect curve lines. The close fitting bra design will make the bride’s figure be more noble and elegant.


Flower type shawl three-dimensional lace attachments make the arms be more attractive. And this can make the bride be more mature. The white lace skirt design is full of fashion sense. And the designs for the wedding dress can give the bride a noble sense of luxury. And the bride can be more noble and elegant. Slender and dreamy veil can be very beautiful. And the beautiful wedding dress can make the bride beautiful like a flower, which is delicate and attractive.