How to choose the right wedding dress for the pregnant mothers

Pregnant women need to pay much more attention to choose the appropriate designer wedding dresses. If the wedding is going to be held in winter, the brides need to wear more to keep warm. Followings are some suggestions for those brides.


Within 4 months, it is not easy for us to see the baby, so the bride can choose suitable dresses for all kinds of styles. But after 4 or 5 months, the pregnant belly is more obvious, so at this time, the dress styles will be picky. Which kind of dresses could be worn by the pregnant brides? You can have a look at those wedding dresses which I brought for you.

Brides may be affected by the pregnant. Those brides will have plump chest, so deep V neckline can be a good choice for those brides. The waistline can under the chest and above the waist.


The elegant gauze can make the bride seem thinner. And the gauze can make shape according to the direction of the wind. So the bride can cover her shortcomings.

A line skirt can also be a good choice for them, which can modify the waistline very well.

Strapless chic wedding dress can be beautiful and elegant

For those brides who are about to enter the wedding hall, they may feel upset about how to choose an appropriate wedding dress according to their own image and their temperaments. But many of the brides who are going to get married will be quite anxious, and they do not understand the right choice of the designer gowns.I think that there are no bad designer gowns, someone just likes the palace like feelings, and others may like those elegant and noble wedding dresses, which can be relatively simpler than those palace like wedding dresses.


So today, I will introduce a wedding dress with a small dress to you, which is strapless and sexy. The color of the wedding dress is white, though the fabric and the color of the dress is relatively simple, the dress can still show the elegance and the nobleness of the bride as well. This wedding dress adopts the design of high waistline and strapless to show the great figure of the bride.


Strapless design can make the bride’s chest be more charming. And the simple hem of the wedding dress is really fresh and beautiful. This wedding dress is really amazing, you can have a consideration.

You have never seen such a wedding dress design

You have never seen such a wedding design before! – We would burst all the inspiration cell of you, perhaps you are a steady introverted person, but after seeing such a wedding dress, perhaps you will yearn for another unique style? Who knows.


Cocomelody can definitely be called as the designer with the name “strange mother”, Cocomelody 2016 spring and designer wedding gowns not only launched a gay wedding explosion models, yet the bold use of playing catwalk, the male models painted smoky makeup showing the latest quarter, and the dew point of the wedding dress, really bright the audiences’ view, we are impressed by Cocomelody’s wedding dresses. This wedding dress can be called as the most beautiful wedding dress in this whole season, which was one most “normal” work of Cocomelody. And this time, the most beautiful product is the stealing the spotlight is a single production, which is the combination of letter necklace and colored beads necklace, which can make up the monotony of a white dress in the color.

This wedding dress is very beautiful, the headdress matches with the skirt perfectly, and only a pink ribbon will make this wedding dress toward the forefront of the trend. People’s attention will all be attracted on this wedding dress!


It is easy to spread the goods turned pink lace Cocomelody bare hands also showed a different face. Model punk style makeup with this feminine nude pink wedding presents visual impact, so that you look not stop.


This wedding dresses can highlight the three-dimensional metal printing design, the skirt has almost “zero simplification”, which rely on the three-dimensional printing to complete the design, those brides who have confidence about their own figures, they van try this wedding dress.
Fur and feathers can always bring original sexy and charming temperaments, this avatar wedding dress shows the sexy interpretation to the extreme, and it can show the prospective brides’ legs perfectly.