Three points to note spring and summer outdoor wedding

Site Selection
If you want to hold a lawn wedding, then the site selection can be very important. Then the parkland can be a good choice. If you can find a lake or yard site, then it can be even better, you can enjoy a romantic wedding and joy at the same time, you can also enjoy the natural refreshing, and feel the heart of person as well.


Site layout
The choice of color can also be very hard for you. When you are choosing the color of the couture wedding dresses, you can choose the green color, in order to achieve harmonious feeling of the whole wedding environment. And you can also choose light colors such as white, pink, light purple, yellow and so on as the color of wedding dresses. Wedding flower arrangement, since there are so many natural factors outdoors, then you’d better consider this factor into the design to avoid the embarrassment. And the items are not easy to give priority to dehydration, the most important thing is that the color will not change color under the sun. But at the same time, you need to make some preparation for heavy-duty supports, floral patterns ensure the design work outdoors.


Wedding form
If you want to hold a typical western style outdoor lawn wedding, then I recommended that you can choose the form of Western-style buffet. If conditions allow, you can also hold the dinner in the hotels after your wedding ceremony. That is to say the wedding dinner can be held in a nearby restaurant. You can also apart the wedding time from the wedding ceremony. You can select daytime ceremony, and you can hold the wedding party in the evening.

You should pay attention to details if you want to have a summer wedding

1. Hot summer, before the wedding photographs, you should pay more attention to rest, do not sleep when the air temperature down too far, to avoid fatigue prone location shooting, air temperature around 23 degrees is appropriate.


2. The wedding location should be simple, natural-based, and the best site design.

3. Summer wedding location filming locations often some mosquitoes, so please remember to bring cool oil or wind spirits. If so toxic mosquito bites can take timely measures to prevent swelling and inflammation, Balm can also prevent or some other phenomena, but also has a refreshing effect.

4.With a bag of wet paper towels or wet towels to the way wedding photographs ready to wipe avoid heat stroke.

5. They can bring some refreshing cool drinks, which put together a wedding photographs and tiring day you is the best medicine to add strength.


6. Beach wedding location shooting time after 17:00 the best choice at this time of the sea is the most suitable wedding tune, gorgeous views day marine, can new location filming the romantic climax.

7. Sunscreen must be ready, but can you use this thing must first ask before make-up artist, because some use sunscreen too much oil will affect the makeup.

Appropriate makeup should be prepared for different kind of designer dresses. And when you are taking the wedding photo, you should know more about the makeup as well as the details of the wedding dresses. And if you wear beautifully in your wedding day, that’s the best respect to your prospective husband and all the guests.

The recommendation of elegant long wedding dress

The straight floor length wedding dress use the silk fabrics with good luster is suitable for thsoe brides who have linear shape especially for those whose hip is comparatively narrow. Then the selection of the designer dresses for weddings can make the bride be more amazing and beautiful. The shoulder design can show the beauty of the bride very well, and this design can make the bride look more plump. The whole feeling can be beautiful and elegant, which can also be used to highlight the woman’s taste of the bride. And such wedding dress is suitable for a grand indoor wedding, which can be very gorgeous and elegant. This wedding dress can be worn with a pair of larger and exaggerated earrings.



Such straight floor length dress use the mix design of silk and chiffon, which is suitable for those brides who have inverted triangle shapes. The upper shoulder use the mixed fabrics to heighten the shoulder line, while at the same time, it will reduce the attention from the breasts. The design can make the lower part of the body be more charming. The legs are partly hidden and partly visible, which can be so sexy. Such dress is suitable for those brides who have strong personalities or for those who are full of fashion senses. This dress can be collocated with a red ring or with a belt.


Those long dresses which I mentioned above use amazing curve lines to show the perfect body of the brides. If the brides can wear such elegant long wedding dresses on their wedding ceremonies, they can be the most beautiful women at their biggest day. And the dress can shoe the figure of the bride perfectly.