How to Flatter the waist of Plus Size Brides?


The right way: Undoubtedly, empire waist wedding dress styles 2016 are the first choice for plus size brides. Loose wedding dresses will only make plus size brides look inflated but the sheath style cannot be chosen either. The right design should have stiff fabric and simple silhouette and remember not to choose organdy. The waistline can be between the chest and the waist to perfectly hide those fat at the waist. Wedding dresses with decorations at the waist can be also selected to elongate the whole body and create a slender vision. By Lena

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Wrong way: Too many pleats at the waist will easily catch people’s eyes and make the whole look fatter.

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Classic A-Line V-Neck Natural Train Organza Satin Ivory Sleeveless Zipper With Button Wedding Dress with Appliques and Ribbons

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Backless strapless floor length wedding dress can make the brides noble and elegant

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If you ask me that which fabric is the most popular one in these years, then I will tell you that in nowadays, lace fabric sells best. You can find this from the spring and summer New York wedding dress fashion week. And if you just choose fabrics from the touch, you can also find that lace fabric feels very comfortable and smooth. Lace fabric has unimaginable advantages, and this fabric has led the fashion trend in these years. Followings are some introductions of such lace wedding dresses; if you like this fabric, then you can buy one lace spring 2016 wedding dresses from online shops.

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The strapless floor length wedding dress I chose sells very well. It uses much lace fabrics to make embroideries in order to make the curve line much dreamier. And this wedding dress uses high waistline to show the petite figure line of the bride. The high waistline can also be called as royal waistline. The sexy strapless design can make the bride very sexy. And the halter design of this floor length wedding dress is also very creative, which can be used to create a heavy feeling of the wedding dress. This design can make the dress become sexy without any flirting feelings. The split in the skirt is made to make the wedding dress much more elegant and noble. Just like the Chinese dresses, which have many kinds of splits.

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Timeless A-Line Illusion Natural Knee Length Tulle Sleeveless Zipper Wedding Dress with Beading and Appliques

If you like this dress, you can come online shops to choose an appropriate color for yourself. Though white is the main color of wedding dresses, other colors can also be chosen to make the wedding day become more creative. The color of the wedding dress can be chosen according to the theme of the wedding party. BY Zoey

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Selection Principle of Bridal Gowns for Short Brides

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Strapless wedding dress: Short brides can choose those 2016 wedding dresses which has a unique shoulder design, no matter lace, flowers or sequins, a beautiful shoulder can always make others eyes focus on your attractive neck and face. Height at this time is no longer a problem.

Empire waist wedding dress: An empire waist part design actually can modify your whole figure ratio in visual, because it really can make your legs look a little more slender. What is even more, the long dress hem is able to hide your high heels, that help you to make you seemed taller skillfully.

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Charming Princess Strapless Natural Train Organza Ivory Sleeveless Lace Up-Corset Wedding Dress with Flower

Short mini wedding dresses: A quite petite bride is more suitable for this kind of wedding dresses. Compared with long dresses, it can highlight your lovely and pretty more perfect, so that to make the bride a little more attractive. If you are just a lively bride, then you can show your individual temperament better with such a kind of dresses. By Linda

Empire waist straps wedding dress: Whatever it is girdle, belt or a silk scarf, the charm of wrapping around the waist is unstoppable. Empire waist strap design can modify your figure shape to be a little attractive in visual, creating a perfect figure curve.

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Light color wedding dress: When you are choosing wedding dresses, you’d better to choose light colors and avoid those dark colors wedding dresses as possible as you can. Light colors can make a visual effect of enlarge the area, that can add your height visually.

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