How to Choose Wedding Dresses According to Different Figures?

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1.Plump Brides
Plump brides had better choose V neck, low waist wedding dress trends 2016 with simple cuttings. Decorations on the neck can be rich to attract people’s attention. And a simple long wedding veil can make the finishing point for the whole bridal look. BY Tiffany

2.Brides with plump hips
Wedding dresses with loose bodice and strapless design will be more suitable for brides with plump hips cause people’s attention can be diverted.


3.Brides with plump chests
The plump chests can be highlighted by low-cut wedding dresses. But if the proportions are not so perfect, the sweetheart neck or some neckline designs with simple cuts can be great as well.

4.Petite Brides
Petite brides should avoid wedding gowns with bowknot design. Instead, sheath bodice or some silhouettes which can highlight the bodice will be more pretty. For example, those silhouettes with strapless, sleeveless or short-sleeved design can show off the bride’s shoulders, neck and arm lines.

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Fantastic Illusion Natural Train Lace White Half Sleeve Wedding Dress with Appliques

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How to choose the dress for partial fat bride


To arm and shoulder
The fat is not only the waist fat, even are fleshy arm and shoulder. To cover or modify arm and shoulder fat MM people must choose one word’s wedding dresses for the beach, fabric is proofed, color is composed with sleeve wedding dress design. So both blocked the effect of proud flesh his arm, you can also modify shoulder meat, hide all parts of the harm self-respect.
In addition, the design of high waist can make the waist of the proud flesh have hidden, the proportion of elongated body, vertical skirt design, elongated body can also let the body highlight lines. By Carina

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Then the waist
The most wise choice: fat people is wearing high waist, low-cut dress; If the waist, chest is very plentiful full sister, choice of the waist and a slightly improve the design, so that you can all keep out the flesh of the waist up. And will make the leg appears slender, shoot out of photos will look thinner.

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The last is the selection of the yarn
Advised to choose a soft long veil. When the soft long veil, whether you take pictures, or wedding, it can help you to block extra meat on the face, it is more effective than face powder is.

New Design Sheath-Column V-neck Lace Ivory Sleeveless Wedding Dress with Beading and Appliques

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The necessary wedding tiara for outdoor wedding

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Flowers adorn a garland of flowers is romantic and the first choice for sweet bride, It can mostly highlights the feature of the bride. And ornament beautiful feathers in the exquisite wreath adornment is also a right choice, can let the pure and fresh and romantic wreath become more beautiful and elegant, with elegant and beautiful marriage gauze, let the bride like a fairy. If you think it is not enough and elegant, and then lace wedding dress with sleeves is also a good choice. BY Carina

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If your wedding is a style of pure and fresh, with flowers and fruit to compile a bride headdress, it will be the most suitable choice for this topic. Exquisite wreath is full of vigor and vitality, fresh white grapes and purple grapes perfect collocation, between the languid is lazy voluminous hair can I send out a charming is spruce and sweet. The bridal wreath can reveal the bride temperament and unique taste, very suitable for charming is spruce sweet bride. You can visit Landybridal to find your dreamy wedding gowns.

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Sometimes, simple is a kind of beauty. And so there is no bright bright color, pure and fresh quietly elegant of wreath is sometimes more to highlight the bride’s pure and fresh temperament. Simple and distribute without any decoration, not the small wildflowers on the ornament deck and into the green wreath, like the breeze gently blows over the heart, beautiful and pure and fresh impression, absolutely is the first choice to highlight the temperament of the bride.

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Romantic Trumpet Mermaid V Neck Floor Length Ivory Wedding Dress

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