Select Your Perfect Wedding Gown by Bypassing Your Disadvantages

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For Brides with Double Chin:
As for the selection on the collar, there is only one thing for you to stick to, which is, less covering, and more exposing. Elaborate or high necklines, to be honest, can be the worst choice of yours. Moreover, an over-embellishment on the shoulders will make your double chin even more obvious. Therefore, a square neckline must be your best friend. Design a simple hairstyle, and avoid complicated accessories. Here is a secret weapon for you. Choose a gown with delicate but not elaborate embroidery work, which does great on distracting others’ focus.
The one-cut design on this unique satin gown with wide straps shows great effect on revealing your sensual curves. With the sequined patterns shinning on the overall, you are sure to dance as a fairy in the ball.

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Pretty A-Line Bateau Natural Knee Length Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Zipper With Button Wedding Dress with Appliques

For Brides with Short Necks:
You can choose a V-neck, a U-neck, or a boat neck bridal dress for yourself. Though a gown with round neckline can also show off the beautiful curves of your neck, but it may not work well if you’re a round-face girl. In a word, just as what we do on double chin, less covering, and more exposing.
Of course, wearing your hair up is considered to be a nice selection as well. If you’re more in to letting down your hair freely, then make sure you’ve layered it completely. What’s more, shinny accessories may also do the trick for shifting others’ attention.

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How to choose the wedding dress

10.28 LBlace b1Romantic bride wedding dress
Romantic brides have a lot of choice, of course, to choose the most romantic one, but each person for the definition of romance is not the same, choose to suit their own vintage lace wedding dresses to show their temperament is the best. Dreamy light purple or pink colour, mopping the floor is the theme of many of the bride’s preferred, but the bride will consider the wedding gauze and collocation.
Elegant bride wedding dress
Elegant bride is the kind of figure is very good-looking, and is the kind of internal also is temperamental bride manner what is elegant in, then this time choice wedding dress is not necessary to select a so complex, simple, engaging, after all their congenital conditions are relatively good, simple wedding dresses can fully show their temperament.
Leisure oriented bride wedding dress
Leisure bride is not, of course, wearing a tracksuit to wedding photography, just so the bride more casual, character is not willing to bondage, hope are in any situation you will not receive a constraint, wear more casual of a point, so the choice of a bride wedding dress can also choose a little leisure dress, so as to meet the bride’s character, can wear a bride temperament.

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How to Perfectly Match Wedding Veil with Bridal Hairstyle?

COCO logoEvery girl has a princess dream in their childhood that they can wear a wedding dresses 2016 summer with a crown on the big day. But if you want to show the queen temperament with a crown, then the match of bridal hairstyle and wedding veil is particularly important. If you wanna wear a crown, then you’d better choose updo. The serious yet fluffy updo is an ideal option. In addition, the crown should not be too exaggerated. An exquisite crown in a fluffy updo can show the nobility. The wedding veil should also choose a simple style. A long wedding veil with train can perfectly reflect the temperament of a princess.

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Graceful Sheath-Column Illusion Natural Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Zipper Wedding Dress with Beading and Appliques 

Brides with short hair might as well consider to make the wedding veil more modern. A veil with hollowed-out design will be filled with sexy atmosphere. Also, there will be less short hairstyle. So the match of a hollowed-out veil and a large flower decoration can definitely attract people’s attention. In addition, the veil which covers the bride’s look will be more mysterious. With a spiraling updo, the whole look will be traditional and classic.