2015 Wedding Dress Color—Tasteful Blue

Do you know what kind of empire waist wedding dresses  those brides who pursue perfectionism like? 2015 wedding dress color is tasteful blue. Perhaps this color is best for this kind of bride. A touch of blue is the best color at the wedding.

Blue is the symbol of eternity and it is the purest color. Whether it’s a sky blue, royal blue or ice blue wedding dress, all of them can fully reflect the bride’s pure temperament. And for a person with blue character, most of his motivations come from the pursuit of perfectionism.

Next, let’s take a look at a collection of pictures about blue bridal gowns.

Nowadays, brides have no longer stuck to wearing the white wedding gown. They start to wear the blue ones, which showcase the most elegant temperament of a nobility. And a unique blue wedding dress can be better to highlight the bride’s perfect temperament and natural flavor. Here I bring you a set of pictures about blue wedding gowns to help you create a distinctive bridal look.
Flowing sky blue wedding dress
Dark blue strapless wedding gown
Sky blue bridal gown with spaghetti straps
Dark blue princess wedding dress
Blue white sleeveless wedding dress
Glittering wedding dress
Sky blue wavy wedding gown

Tips for How to Choose Wedding Shoes

The new version of Cinderella is very hot now. Are you attracted by her crystal shoes? Would you like to wear a pair of crystal shoes to walk down the aisle? So today I will introduce you several kinds of wedding shoes and relevant tips for how to choose the suitable one.

Styles of cheap prom shoes onlineThe lace-up high-heeled shoes are very stylish. They can accentuate your leg lines and are best for short wedding gowns.

Shoes with rhinestones can match those sophisticated wedding dresses to highlight the gorgeous temperament while besides that kind of shoes, simple wedding gowns can also match with shoes which have metal or satin decorations. If you like pearls very much, you can choose shoes with a single pearl or several pearls. Remember not to purchase wedding shoes with brassy eyelets or plastic hangings. This kind of shoes looks cheap and inferior in quality. What’s worse, it doesn’t match the noble temperament of the bridal gown.

Popular Wedding Dresses from 2015 New York Fashion Week & Tips for Purchasing Dresses

Here I scout several popular wedding dresses from 2015 New York Fashion Week and teach you useful tips for purchasing bridal gowns. You really deserve to read and bookmark this post as it is the combination of wonderful pictures and practical wedding guides!

Although Fall 2015 New York Fashion Week has ended, fashion trends that it brings just start. There are not only outfits that you can wear in daily life, but also gorgeous wedding dresses that brides would like to possess. Then, let’s take a look at what kind of bridal styles are released in this Fashion Week.

From the romantic lace wedding dress, classic Lace Mermaid Wedding Dresses 2015 to the minimalist dress, do you find one piece that is suitable for yourself?

Tips for purchasing the wedding dress
Things that you need to prepare when you go for fitting:
Strapless bras or corselet
Panty-hose (They will make it easier for you to wear the wedding dress, especially wearing those samples whose sizes are often smaller than normal.)
A petticoat for the tight dress or wedding gown with spaghetti straps

Try to look for one style that matches your skin color:
With constant changes of fashion trends, except those traditional colors like pure white, ivory, beige, wedding dresses in pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink purple, pink green or light silver gray are also very popular in recent years. And surely, white, ivory or champagne wedding dresses are the most popular.