Elegant and Fresh Wedding Gowns

I believe that many girls including you in childhood imagined such a scene that you wear a princess wedding dress which has the same style as the affordable wedding dresses online that the female leading role wears in fairy tales and stand in the church to accept Prince Charming’s marriage proposal; then the princess helps you wear a ring whose diamond is big like the “pigeon egg” and you kiss each other. Today I’ll recommend some elegant and fresh wedding gowns for your reference and help you realize your princess dream.

The illusion neckline has become a fashion trend of wedding dresses. Decorations of lace patterns or three-dimensional flowers on it enhance the contrast of light and shade, which makes the whole look more sexy.

The addition of some decorative tinsel patterns on the fabric will instantly make a simple strapless wedding dress glow with charming luxury.
Charming Sheath-Column V-Neck Natural Train Lace Ivory Long Sleeve Zipper With Button Wedding Dress with Appliques and Ribbons CWXT14053

This is an exquisite and lovely one-shoulder short wedding dress. Its ethereal texture is very mild, which makes the whole look very spiritual.

This classic halter white wedding dress is simple and elegant. And the exquisite decoration of a flower which is made of illusion fabric on the neck looks very graceful and also upgrades the bride’s taste.

Simple lines of a lace deep V wedding dress foil the fabric texture. When this dress matches with a long pearl necklace, the whole look will be eye-catching enough.

Summer is coming. For brides-to-be who want to hold their weddings in summer, a fresh wedding dress can be the most suitable!

Slightly Naked Wedding Dresses—Sexy Brides are the Most Eye-catching

Body curve is probably the best gift that God gives to women and it is also the unique skill to conquer men. If you spend some effort making some bareness on your wedding dresses 2015 lace, maybe you’ll pour a cup of sweet wine for your lover to make him crazy about you forever.

Whether for men or women, slender legs will undoubtedly be a lethal weapon. What about the keyword of apparels which expose legs? Short! It’s always short! A short dress will quickly optimize your body proportions and also easily make your legs ten centimeters longer than before from the vision. Revealing your legs will not only make your sexuality safer, the pretty short dress is also a weapon to make you young. If you think a short dress is not enough to show your temperament, then a high-split long dress can make you both sexy and elegant.

Want to be sexy but not too wild? Adding spaghetti straps will instantly make you a sexy lady. In order to be different from common spaghetti straps, yours can be combined with designers’ ingenious ideas to make your shoulders also become a landscape and make an impression. In addition, if you love sports in daily life and have some nice muscle lines on the shoulder, but you only want to show your feminine at the wedding, then unique and ingenious spaghetti straps will definitely be your best choice.

The Choice of Wedding Shoes—Colors

The color red is the first choice of Chinese wedding. A pair of wedding shoes which have colorful embroideries will make you more graceful and they can also add some color for the classic cheongsam. You can also decide whether your shoes are dark red, bright red or pink according to the intensity of your wedding dress.

For a pair of wedding shoes which matches with a western wedding dress, it’s better to choose those light colors such as white, silver, creamy white, pearl, brilliant pink and etc. These colors can match with wedding gowns in various colors.

Black high-heeled shoes are still the good partner of evening dress at wedding reception. But you’d better choose the black color which has shiny luster because it will make shoes more elegant.

The light yellow is noble and has good temperament, which can show fashion atmosphere. Pink has a kind of tenderness which contains romantic temperament. Some colors like fashionable and showy gold and red are also great choices. The main point is to need some luster and also match with decorations like crystals, diamonds and etc.

Nowadays, brides’ wedding shoes for bride can be also no longer common than before. Colors like golden, silver, pink, mustard, light green, sparkling purple and peacock blue are all wonderful.

Since brides prepare three or four outfits including wedding dress, evening dress and cheongsam for wedding, the suitable color of wedding shoes is of great importance. The suitable color of wedding shoes can be chosen according to the wedding dress. For example, most brides will wear white wedding dresses. At this time, they should choose white, silver or pearl shoes. Never wear a pair of black or red shoes under the white wedding dress as the whole look will not be harmonious. And the principle is choosing shoes in the same color as the wedding dress.